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Forums - Sales Discussion - European console sales data from October 2023.

kazuyamishima said:
DonFerrari said:

Agree with you, but his point stands so even if Xbox manages to win BF on USA the rest of the world will make it still be over 2:1 for PS5

The PS5 did about 1.38m units in November 2022 with lower stock and a $560 GOW:R bundle compared to this year. This year, the bundles are $499 and started on November 8th, all retailers seem to have a lot of stock of them. 
Outside the US, it’s very possible the PS5 will outsell Xbox series X 3 to 1 or more in various countries/regions.

As an example, the PS5 went sold out at most retailers in Australia on Saturday after Black Friday. 

JRPGfan said:

MS isnt trying in europe.
Its like they gave up.

There are is no maketing here (in denmark).
Their stategy of going with youtube/twitch streamers, and content creators on the internet, isnt working out.
Like you need it in shopping malls, on tv, on radio, ect. 

You just never see anything xbox related at all (which I assume is also true for alot of europeans).
Then if you walk into a shop that sells games and consoles, the space for the PS5 is like 4-5 times the size of the Xbox one.

Marketing is a really good tool but I don’t think anything would had chance too much if MS did any more advertising or Gamepass or their systems.

A lot of users are not really into the Xbox ecosystem. 

I have no doubt PS5 will win BF and November in USA as well, was just saying that even in the very unlikely occurrence of Xbox wining in USA they would be smashed globally. I wouldn't even doubt Sony can do in Holidays Quarter as much as MS done for the full year, perhaps even with November+December alone they could achieve it.

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I think we fundamentally misunderstand the real situation at Xbox. I think the real world as seen through the eyes of consumers is different than the one portrayed on Twitter and YouTube. And I think that COVID completely misled some folks about what to expect as far as sales of Xbox. I mean we all knew that Xbox was in third place but no one could have guessed that it would be down by this much by its third years. Its selling lower than when it was supposed to be facing an 'extreme stock shortage'.