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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft increases the price of the Xbox Series S in Brazil by 200 dollars.

Honestly, price increases like these suck. - The Series S is meant to target low price points as a reflection of it's low-end hardware... There is a reason why consoles like the Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 are still popular... Which is the perfect demographic that the Series S can appeal to.

Feel for those who are in Brazil.

I guess a large issue is the tariffs/protectionism which keeps import prices on consumer electronics high, way around that would be to setup an assembly factory there (Just for the Series S) and import the components from China... That way they may be able to get around some of the other latin-america tariffs in other states as well.

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Digital console? Good fuck it. I'd say the same for all digital PS5 as well. Hike that price.

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This topic got very little traction here. Xbox fanbase did pressure MS for answer including Mexico (currently they manage Brazil), Aaron Greenburg, Phil Spencer and other senior leadership. Only answer from MS came from the first couple days saying that they hadn't increased the price since launch and that they done it to keep delivering the best value in gaming.
There is speculation that this is a way to reduce stop selling the HW so they may discontinue it here and keep only subs without resistance.
Xbox pages, news, people, etc that have voiced their complain were largely refused invitation to the fan fest (which Phil Spencer will participate in the near future).

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Good, got a feeling they will do the same for series x as well.
They should do the same everywhere too!