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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I Just finished Zelda TotK and I see A LOT of room to improve (SOME MINOR SPOILERS)

mZuzek said:

Apparently that mod already exists for BotW and there was even a glitch that allowed you to bypass the blood moon without any respawns? Wonder if the glitch still works. Either way I imagine someone will make that mod.

Ouch that's a moral dilemma "If you fast travel to shrines from 11:55 till midnight, you will skip the bloodmoon." Do I sacrifice my no fast travel policy to get rid of the blood moon... It also doesn't trigger in the Depths, so if pay attention to the moon phases I can make sure to be in the Depths when the full moon rises. Should have thought of that sooner :) Gonna test out if I can keep the blood moon away by diving down a chasm each full moon!

Well maybe not now, the game just royally pissed me off again, gonna do something else. Some of these design decisions stay infuriating. Combat simply isn't fun in this game. I had to kill a flux construct III in confined spaces to activate a button, bunch of weapons broken, can't see much in the low contrast of the Lomei maze fog, the camera spazzing out due to the confined quarters, and as always the weak point shifts right as I get a shot lined up, invulnerable in transition and otherwise, BS. These bullet sponges are just a waste of resources. The maze was fun, but crappy combat ruined it again doh.

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Since I've uncovered most of the story, ruined the plot by getting all the last parts first, I figured it was safe to watch this now.

It does spoil the entire story, but puts it in order so it all makes sense now how it was intended to be unveiled. Yeah played in the right order, it is indeed an incredible story. Sadly the open world freedom resulted in me just being confused with the twists and reveals handed out first before the setup. I would have been better off without avoiding spoilers for so long...

But props to the writing team, they did spin a great yarn. And kinda makes me angry that the game makes it so easy to screw up the story even though they realized this might happen, hence the 4 regional phenomena finishing cut scenes are practically the same. So doing the regional phenomena in different orders doesn't matter, but then there are the glyphs which are far too easy to do out of order, plus the draw of the master sword and dragonhead island drawing attention to itself with a giant 'arrow' pointing to it in the sky. (Plus I wonder if I'll still get to see the ring ruins after finishing the temple, since I've already got Mineru now without ever starting the quest in the proper place)

Anyway the video nails all the problems the game has and gives a good explanation how it came to be. Valuing freedom over all in every design choice, an almost tunnel vision like focus on the physics system, and a control scheme that was originally designed for 2nd screen touch screen operation on the WiiU gamepad then ported to the Switch late in development. TotK fixes none of the issues that came from all that and just adds on to them.

I've got about 7 shrines left and to finish the wind temple the right way (still got to bring rito over to do the final button presses). Then back to Purah to see what I can salvage from the ring ruins and other things I did prematurely.

I just beat the game.

Played like crazy (by my standards) initially then life continued as usual so really haven’t had the time.

Over all a great game. And a wonderful world to get lost in.

I’ve clocked some 150 hours in the game.

This is the game of the decade just as BotW was the game of the previous decade.