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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favorite Comic Book Hero Based Game

this thread needs more

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my top 50 games

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Arkham City is not only the best comic book based game, its also my third favourite of all time.

The whole series is amazing, I even loved Origins Blackgate.


mZuzek said:

this thread needs more

For sure, I need to do a second run of it sometime, making different choices, see how the game is affected.

I really liked it as a (once) comics reader that while it did have some MCU elements it also had a lot of main 616 stuff in there too. A nice interpretation of the characters and world.

Hmm, pie.

mZuzek said:

this thread needs more

Agreed. This is my personal #1, followed by Insomniac Spider-Man at #2 and the old Spider-Man 2 at #3. I have yet to play the Arkham games however. 

Edit: Though now that I think about it, TMNT was a comic before it was a show, so last year's TMNT Shredder's Revenge is above Insomniac Spider-Man for me.