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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spanish SW & HW Sales - Week 3, 2023 (Fire Emblem Engage)

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Top 10 Sales Week 3: 16 - 22 January 2023

  1. Fire Emblem Engage (Switch) 11.650 units
  2. The Last of Us Parte I (PS5) 6.750 units
  3. FIFA 23 (Switch) 2.650 units
  4. Pokémon Escarlata y Púrpura (Switch)
  5. Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch)
  6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)
  7. FIFA 23 (PS4)
  8. Uncharted: Colección Legado de los Ladrones (PS5) 1.400 units
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)
  10. NBA 2K23 (PS4) 950 units

Top Hardware week 3:

  • PS5: 8.900 units
  • Nintendo Switch: 4250 units 
  • Xbox Series: 550 units

Source: Vandal

2023 Switch PS5 Xbox Series Cumulative
Week 1 28000 4000 2000 34000
Week 2 5500 2000 500 8000
Week 3 4250 8900 550 13700
Cumulative 37750 14900 3050 55700

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Well there's that stock coming through.

YTD: PS5 now more than double last year's total, XS less than half its total from last year, and NS down a little over 5k.

Last edited by Machina - on 07 February 2023

Great PS5 week, meh for Switch and bad (again) for Xbox.

I don't know how previous Fire EMblem games did in the past, but those 11.6k units sold won't set the world on fire (pun intended).

Thanks for the numbers, polofresco.

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Higher stock for PS5, Same for Japan and UK so it looks like PS5 is really going to be more available everywhere.

Available PS5 stock sales ... Who would've thought 🤔
Also good week for FE Engage. Pretty sure FE 3H sold much more on it's first week but more than good enough for a game released right at the forefront of the year

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