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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New resident Evil 4 gameplay

Game looks insane. Looks like they didn't cut anything, unlike 2 and 3 remakes.






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I am soooo ready for this

Noticed you can duck projectiles now.

Suplex is back as well. Everything looks great.
And Louise has a greatly expanded role, as he appears in way more areas than he did in the original.

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They're working on the VR version... Which makes me all the more sad that Ashley is clearly not showing panties anymore *heavy breathing*

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Anyone in the US who's looking to get RE4 on Steam, here's a $10 off code this is how I got my pre-order in!

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After getting into RE7 Village on PSVR2, this instantly shot to the top of my list. Day one buy, but will wait for the VR DLC to play.

It’s not clear when it will launch, however the studio further confirmed that the “VR mode,” which presumably means we’ll be playing the full game on PSVR 2, will be a free DLC to the flatscreen game on PS5. This comes as contrast to the announcement in June of “VR content,” which left some room for doubt.

Hopefully the VR controls will be as good as in RE7 Village, it's awesome.

Bring on all the RE4R threads! xD but seriously, this game has my hype level at an 11/10.

Looks like Capcom will be putting out a day 1 patch for the rain!

Capcom Are Fixing The Infamous Rain In Resident Evil 4 With A Day 1 Patch (

Hiku said:
Kyuu said:

Removing laser aiming is a crime.

I hear its in the game, but optional somehow. Maybe a gun upgrade you buy.

Now that reviews are out we know what happened to the laser sight.
You can obtain it through a side quest for the Merchant.

Looks like the Separate Ways DLC that came with the PS2 port may be coming down the line. I only played RE4 on the GameCube, so I never got to play this DLC. But looks like it focuses on Ada Wong, and considering how important she was in RE2, it makes sense that this DLC could make a return.