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Forums - General Discussion - When I see certain users in certain websites and apps like discord I get burning fire to be beyond any level who I'm facing

I don't want to live no more, I mean I do live. Should destroy this thread since it exposes Leynos and talks about Bigger websites.

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Well mods you heard the man

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

I don't even know how you can call it an addiction? You can literally spend a total of an hour a day max here to catch up on everything, which is great for me as I work so many hours.

There isn't that much activity on this site and like 99.99% of people here are normal and can't see a reason why anyone here would want to start fights with others.

Maybe I am getting old but this is like the only gaming site I now visit. I don't even game anymore just collect video games so they sit on my bookshelves lol.

Do I agree with everyone's opinions, off course not as the world would be a borg collective if we all agreed, but doesn't mean I hate them.

Like the Russian/Ukraine war thread is a good example, a few people are pro Russia. Now I don't hate them, in fact you feel sorry for them that they are lead to believe some of that stuff Putin says.



It's okay to log out babes


i would have yes, but dont count on the mods

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kirby007 said:

i would have yes, but dont count on the mods

You would have what?

In all seriousness, you got some good suggestions in here, SegaHeart. But, you may as well get your wish. Just know that if you want to return, you will have to make a new account. It'll also be a discussion among everyone if that's something to entertain should we reach that bridge. I didn't always agree with things you did, but to shrink the community, particularly an active member, definitely stings. 

In any case, we'll grant this and hope you find what it is you seek in your time away!

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