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Forums - General Discussion - A hundred UK companies sign up for four-day week with no loss of pay

I'm on a 37.5 flex time, can do work from 8 to 6 but can start 10 and leave 4 each day. While I stick to a routine of 9 to 5.30 ad leave early on Friday. The 4 days week makes sense for some industries but with mine I just don't think we can. It's not about how productive we can be it's about what needs to be done and when. Onsales, websites and whatever need changing and making during the week, even at weekends. I would say if we had less hours and only 4 days we'd feel far more rushed, which isn't a good thing.

However, I will note that those that work from home it makes more sense. I choose to work in the office, better environment, heated, good computers etc but when I was forced to work from home during lockdown I found myself working 9-5.30 every day with very little breaks, it felt like I was working more with little reward, so IF people actually do this at their work from home, as long as they get their work done, why not a 4 day week?

Hmm, pie.

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This is similar to a problem my old company had. The introduced flexible working hours, with the "just work 35 hours a week any time you want". Unfortunately some of the engineers said "well I work 10 hours a day anyway, so can I just stop on Thursday afternoon?"

It turns out that a lot of people work a lot of hours to actually deliver the stuff the company needs. That managers say these things simply shows how they don't appreciate how much effort some people actually put in...

I work 4x9hours and 1x4hours, 22 vacation days , fuck this country


ok, so 10 hour days

4 days a week. We all work extra hours every day anyway. This way it is more controlled with more free days.


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I am used to 80 hour work weeks during busy season and 60 regularly. Not impressed by less work ever.

fedfed said:

4 days a week. We all work extra hours every day anyway. This way it is more controlled with more free days.

Yes, this is the general sentiment I get from a lot of people, they don't alway finish on time so might as well stretch it to 10 hours and get 3 days off in return. It also cuts horrible commuting times for some employees. 


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