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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - COD on Switch, It'll definitely happen.

It'll happen, it has to can't backtrack Phil Spencer wants good PR and approval for the Activition Blizzard to go through in March. Phil can't go back or it'll come back to bite him for other future acquititions being blocked. Phil Spencer means good he won't fabricate and veer the masses this is great news, COD will no longer omit Nintendo, Hopefully he'll reconsider COD deal for Sony and make COD a lifetime multiplat for Playstations. It's a win - win. Anyway I've oscilated my mood swings and feel happy or deprived.

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Ye it would be weird if it didn't at this point. Overwatch, Apex, other fps games are available on the Switch.

Why ask for cod, when you already have the bass?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Maybe on the switch 2


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I'm thinking Switch 2, even a port would take at least a year to make from when the sale of the company goes through. The Switch can't have too many years left.

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 I'm one of the few who loves Curse of Darkness on Xbox. Man I would love a port of Castlevaniia Cod!

Oh..the shooter series. Like they put all those games on Wii and DS. No reason they can't on Switch. Would not hurt but at the same time Switch doesn't need them. If the rumors about Switch 2 hardware is true then they will have zero reason not to on that system. At worst I can see MS putting cloud versions on current Switch.

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Wouldn't be bad even if it's just ports of older franchise installments.

The Switch does sort of lack for FPS shooters, it's not a huge deal, but it could use a bit more in that category.

Yer I miss the single player COD campaign on my Nintendo consoles. Fun and no annoying kids screaming.



If it does
I'd love black ops 1 complete edition

BO1 had the best zombie mode in my opinion

I hope so, 3rd party support for Switch has been amazing.