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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Favourite type of penis?

With all the penis related activity yesterday and seemingly all the remaining active users left being male it feels like a good time to see just how gay vgchartz really is. I personally prefer long and thick ones with stretchy foreskin.

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@Ryuu96 s. Pretty small, unsatisfying, and unimpressive.
Oh, favorite...?">"><img src="

My own 7 inch monster.

Bigger is definitely better.

The one that was on vgchartz. Dark and hairy

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Thanks for asking. My favorite kind of pen is the kind that has four different colors to write with.

Well it isn’t exactly the most photogenic bodypart.

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SegaHeart said:

My own 7 inch monster.

pics or it didn't happen

JuliusHackebeil said:

Bigger is definitely better.

size queen!

but I'm not gonna disagree.