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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How much will handheld PC gaming impact the Switch's successor?


How large will the impact be?

Just slight 38 95.00%
Significant 2 5.00%
Massive 0 0%
gtotheunit91 said:

Unless Nintendo starts publishing their games on PC, I don't really see handheld PC's making much of a dent on the Switch's successor. The sales of Nintendo's first-party games on Switch show that's the case. Gamers, casual or hardcore, buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo games. 

And with Nintendo teaming up with Denuvo, ugh, it'll make it harder to emulate Switch games at launch on PC. So I think the impact will be minimal at best.

It's important to note that Nintendo ISN'T partnering with Denuvo. Denuvo is doing this in order to license it to other publishers.