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Most Anticipated July Release

As Dusk Falls (XB, PC) 31 4.84%
Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 (NS) 13 2.03%
Digimon Survive (PS4, XB1, NS, PC) 26 4.06%
F1 22 (PS4|5, XB1|S|X, PC) 27 4.22%
Klonoa Phantasy Reverie S... 33 5.16%
Live A Live (NS) 42 6.56%
Stray (PC, PS4|5) 94 14.69%
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (NS) 302 47.19%
Something Else 6 0.94%
Nothing This Month 66 10.31%

Alrighty, here is the list of new releases for July! Good news, we have a decent amount of games coming out. I can only pick a few titles for the poll, but please feel free to leave your other games that you are interested in in the comments! I brought back the misc slots until we get into the busier months of the year. 

Arcadegeddon, As Dusk Falls, Bear and Breakfast, Digimon Survive, Endling - Extinction is Forever, Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of Victoria Bloom, F1, Immortality, Into the Breach, Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series, Live A Live, Lost Epic, Loopmancer, Madison, Matchpoint - Tennis Championships, Rune Factory 5 (PC), Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (PS4), Stray, Time on Frog Island, Wayward Strand, Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Bonus Question: With Klonoa releasing this month, what is your favorite Bandai Namco franchise? For me, it's all about Katamari!

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The lack of Gunvolt 3 is concerning. Gunvolt 3 is my answer.

Xenoblade 3 easily. Also interested in Live A Live.

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I keep forgetting that games other than Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are coming out this month.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3! I can't wait!
Also eventually gonna get Live A Live and maybe Klonoa.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is easily my answer, but I'm also quite anticipating the remake of Live A Live and Digimon Survive which I can't pass on a good adventure game.

Basically, July is a crazy month !

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Xenoblade 3 easily.


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Rob5VGC said:

The lack of Gunvolt 3 is concerning. Gunvolt 3 is my answer.

Huh. I usually use Game Informer for my list of release dates and they didn’t have it listed. I replaced Bear and Breakfast with it since I was on the fence about it being in the poll. 

Quite like the look of Stray. Unlikely to get it launch month, but later down the line I'll probably buy it.

Nothing else interests me for June.

Damn, Digimon Survive is coming out? Feels like it just disappeared off the face of the earth and now it's here I guess. I'm not particularly excited for it but neither am I for any of the others, so it gets my vote. Tactial RPG ain't my jam but I hope it turns out well and that its release opens up space for them to promote whatever the next Digimon Story game is. Though I probably shouldn't get my hopes up with this series.

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