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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Treasure teasing new title for their 30th anniversary! Something heavily requested,


Top 3 choices:

1. New Gunstar

2. New Sin and Punishment

3. A compilation of as many Treasure games as possible. 

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I did not think they were still active.

Sin N Punishment Star Successor HD please

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Remastered

Awesome. I figured they must either be working on something relatively big (since their last game was in 2014) or have stealthily gone bankrupt.

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Heavily requested ? Aside from Sin & Punishment or Gunstar, I don't know what kind of game could fit the description.

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New collection please.


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And I was worried Treasure had closed it's doors. Maybe this will be the return of Gunstar Heroes. ^^