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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Nintendo handheld console?


What's your favorite Nintendo handheld console?

Game Boy/Game Boy Color 58 8.79%
Game Boy Advance 110 16.67%
DS 115 17.42%
3DS 85 12.88%
Switch 292 44.24%

Much like Switch is my favorite Nintendo console, it is also my favorite Nintendo handheld. Never really got into handhelds much after the gameboy outside of Zelda titles. However the hybrid functionality that lets me play full console games on the go, and resume on my TV at home seamlessly has me using it on the go even more than my gameboy itself back in the day.

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An undocked Switch blows away every other handheld.

Other than that, I'd say the 3DS. The OG Game Boy will always hold a special place for me, though.

Since I already answered this question for Switch when favorite Nintendo console was discussed, here are my top 5 Game Boy games.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

2. Metroid II: Return of Samus

3. Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

4. Pokemon Red/Blue

5. Final Fantasy Adventure

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I chose 3DS because it was my most favorite portable and most played out of all the portables.

I completely forgot the Switch was a portable cause I mainly play it docked...but so I guess I should have voted for that since the Switch is my most favorite Nintendo platform since the SNES.


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This question is rather difficult for me to answer even when I played a lot on each handheld system. The first system I bought with my own money is the GBA and that will always have a special place in my heart. Playing Mario Kart and Advance wars with friends using only one cartridge was great.

The original game boy is the system I blame for my love of gaming and handheld gaming in particular. There is something special with sitting at the exact right place under the lamp to get the clearest picture while trying to retain my castle in Mario Land 2 six golden coins.

For some reason, I never got to play much on my 3DS. I still have a few games that I never finished but also never feel like playing. i figured that maybe I finally got old enough that games don't interest me anymore. Or maybe just that handheld gaming stopped being fun since I still played a lot on other systems.

But then the Switch came along and I once again spend hours and hours in my sofa playing. It is my currently most used system and would be the system i picked if i only ever got to use one system ever again. With the switch my love for handheld gaming resurfaced. It will still probably be my last dedicated handheld platform since my mobile is enough for my gaming needs on the go.

But I will give the victory to the system that i have bought most copies of, DS and more specifically DS Lite. I still play it now and then using my third system and got a new and unused system in a box when the current DS Lite gets to old. What strikes me however when I play the DS is that I actually often use it to play GBA-games, mostly advance wars and fire emblem. But in the DS prime both me and my girlfriend at the time spent whole weekends in bed playing pokémon together and brought it on picnics and to the beach. Great times.
If I owned a GBA-micro, that might have kicked DS down to second place. I love that little system, the screen is so crisp. But DS takes the top spot for me when it comes to Nintendos handheld systems.

Top DS games
1. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (all of them)
2. Advance Wars Dual Strike
3. Hotel dusk Room 215
4. Elite Beat Agents
5. 42 all time classics

GBA in the first place, second is DS and 3DS, third original GB, the last is Switch for some reason.

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Probably the DS. Unique set of games, decent library and a brilliant homebrew scene.

I have a lot of nostalgia for the GameBoy, so that gets my vote.


Not in order but BotW, Astral, Odyssey, Dread and Mansion 3.

Holy shit the 3DS is in last almost??? Other than Switch, I think its pretty easily the best imo

I voted Switch. The GBA is a really good system too.