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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - FM7 vs FM8 graphics comparison

This one really does look like a generational leap. Even more so than FH5. 

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chakkra said:

This one really does look like a generational leap. Even more so than FH5. 

FM looks amazing, Turn 10 pushing the limits again

The improvement is astonishing. It's incredible how the lighning alone can make such a big difference.

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The differences in the track detail are insane and make FM8 stand out above any other racing sim I can think of.

I'll hold final judgement for when we see it running on our own Series X hardware though. All of these racing games fully embrace bullshots nowadays.

Damn it really is a significant improvement over FM7. Shame that the first impression of it for millions was through compressed 1080p stream quality. Microsoft should really stream their next showcase in 4K on Youtube, same goes for others.

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It does look better in general, but I do wonder if they have deliberately turned the brightness down on the FM7 capture. I don't remember it being that dark (and the brightness isn't really a graphical enhancement, it's to do with the weather settings they used).

SegaHeart said:

Imagine Forza 8 without Xbox Series S hardware, How much better the game would look?

Yeah, its called the 4k version.

It looks really good, yet most detail is in the close up shots While driving it also looks great but you don't notice all the details in normal game play. I love the new day/night transitions and improved weather system. Most excited about it being available on all tracks.

I'm currently player FM7 on Series X, the city tracks already look phenomenal. That's where most of the detail you actually notice while racing can go. Make the city tracks more alive. The cracks in the asphalt and flowers next to the track are nice but invisible while racing. With city tracks you can do much more you actually see while racing.

Looks great, was hoping to still play it this year but next Spring is fine :)