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Castlevania: Nocturne | Announcement | Netflix - YouTube

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A bit surprise the same creator and studio is working on the continuation of the Castlevania series when I thought they announced their latest project on the work was an adaptation of Devil May Cry.

Still, it's one of the best animated series and show on Netflix as of now so why not

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Is this a continuation of the series, or an off-shoot?

JackHandy said:

Is this a continuation of the series, or an off-shoot?

It's a spin off. As I recall, their original Castlevania show was brought to an end primarily because the person in charge of it got caught up in some sort of controversy, and they didn't want to continue it with someone else at the helm.

Hell. Yes. Looking forward to more of one of the best animated shows of recent years.

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*remembers that there were action figures for the previous Castlevania cartoon* I may finally get a Richter Belmont figure for my Smash collection!! ^^