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loadedstatement said:
I know the Olympics are huge in Europe and all, but who in their right minds would purchase M&S before Galaxy? I really do not understand it.

 Mostly people who are looking to play games with their friends and family, I'd imagine. Don't get me wrong, I love Galaxy way more, and wasn't that big a fan of M&S, but Galaxy is at heart a single player game.  And I believe Sonic is much bigger in Europe than Mario is, so that would explain quite a bit.

Besides, I kind of dig what's happening here. It makes all those "Wii is for kiddies causals only" so ironically delicious. That said, I admit I laughed when I first heard the Sega executive's expectations for this game. Mmm, crow...

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Auron said:
Good news SMG is overrated and not that great.

 Overrated? Maybe, but it's still better quality than M&S without a doubt.

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