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    Why is the United States so segregated?

    in Politics Discussion on 13 March 2018

    Keep spewing more garbage. All you said was there are black neighborhoods, blacks have their own culture and blacks have their own words. How is this racist? People self-segregate for the most part in all areas of the world, but this is helped by wealth. So all I can pull from what you said was that the US is wealthier than Brazil, which is obvious. The media has blown racism way out of...

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    Gladiator A.D. Nintendo WiiTrailer - No Mercy Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 May 2009

    PullusPardus said: Yeah, it does look like Punch Out!!.but why the game so lacking in graphics? , its sad to see that games like this look better, and that game even have a bigger scale and huge enviroment compared to this one. i just wonder why any Developer just put a little effort on Wii third party games, just a little more effort wont hurt. I highly doubt HVS is...

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    prediction: over/under - conduit scoring a 9.0

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 April 2009

    I think it should do right at 9.0 or a bit higher, but lets hope reviewers don't complain it's too hard or anything like that....

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    Some WiiWare devs were not being paid.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2009

    People act like this is a new idea, but most publishers of books or music do the same thing. Mid 4-figure range isn't that high on a nearly 50 mil install base....

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    EA: Wii MotionPlus is too Sensitive

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 April 2009

    Could they just leave the sensitivity to the player to decide how difficult the game is?...

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    New Racing Game for Nintendo Wii - Speedzone Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 April 2009

    It reminds me of hot wheels for some reason...especially the midair collisions....

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    Enough of this "core" talk from Nintendo fans.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 April 2009

    The day will get better trust me. We all have to get a prostate exam once in a while....

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    Madworld not selling confirmed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2009

    In my experience, GameStop employees are usually fanboys. Don't take anything they say at face value....

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    Madworld not selling confirmed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2009

    SaviorX said: Why does everyone cosign anecdotal evidence?   Exactly. They nearly sold through their shipment and one week of sales does not tell you how well it's going todo in the long run.  All the skeptics need to take a step back and wait several weeks before they try to go "HA!"...

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    Enoughs enough Nintendo ~ Article That Addresses serious issues Ninty has!

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 March 2009

    @darthYou're better than this, so can we just stop giving these worthless articles attention?...

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    A Boy and His Blob remake coming to Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2009

    @ noname I posted this in the other thread too. ...

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    Wii games in 2009

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2009

      @ noname2200 ...

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    Your Favorite MySims Characters Are Backů And Racing!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2009

    MySims Racing is speeding your way in 2009! Face a variety of MySim opponents like Chaz, DJ Candy, Dr F or take on your friends! Compete with rival racers in one-on-one duels. Get ahead of the curve with awesome power-ups such as the heat-seeking jack-o-lantern pumpkin or a bubble dropper. Enjoy a few character renders and stay tuned for more information about power ups, tracks and...

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    Others UP!

    in Sales Discussion on 03 March 2009

    Hardware: ConsoleThis WeekLast Year  197,823 286,900  150,742 119,945  97,819 91,269  63,472 84,710  30,114 80,363  97,669 49,920 Total 637,639 713,107 ...

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    IGN reviews Empire: Total War - 9.5

    in PC Discussion on 03 March 2009

    I love these games! Looks like I'll have to update this pc soon....

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    PSP, a new Hope ? Yes !

    in Sony Discussion on 02 March 2009

    papflesje said: @ BxN: Doesn't the DS do the same thing? Leave a middle ground somewhere and then take away the older versions, pretty much making people "upgrade"?   Maybe with the DSi, but there aren't any games released only for this version. So no, you don't HAVE to upgrade....

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    Killzone 3 should come on the xbox 360!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 February 2009

    I keep clicking the delete link in the OP but it won't work? All it says is not found. Hmmmm....

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    Is the All-Play brand going to continue?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 February 2009

    Mr Khan said: Madden 09 (All Play) did slightly worse than Madden 08, but not by enough to justify scrapping the brand, say. It might have more to do with EA's new strategy for the Wii if they get rid of the brand.   maybe not? EDIT: Gah! Just got beat to this....

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    nintendo are losing me!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 February 2009

    Wii would like to break up with you....

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    NEW Wii & PSP game from konami

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 February 2009

    woopah said: well were already getting PS2 and gamecube portsplus weve had at least 2 PSP ports before this, and were starting to get DS and HD portsplus remember that all the games on VC are jus portsnow were just waiting for PS1 ports;p   Too late! Klonoa is here....

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