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Willow | Official Teaser Trailer | Disney+ - YouTube

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Looks ok, but I don't have Disney+. But I loved the Willow arcade game back in the late 80's and I really hope it's one of the titles included in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium.

I hadn't watched Willow until a few years ago and didn't love every part of it, but I am a fan of Warwick Davis and like what I'm seeing here so far.

I was a huge fan of the movie as a kid. It was my first introducion into fantasy movies/worlds. I'm very excited to see this is a continuation as opposed to a reboot

Could be worthwhile, I'll certainly give it a go since I loved the movie as a child. That and The Neverending Story ranked highly for me back in the day. Nice to see Davis back in the role, would have been upset if they recast!