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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Poll Of the Week: Microsoft and Bethesda Event


What Microsoft Game are you most excited to hear more about?

Avowed 39 9.63%
Contraband 5 1.23%
Everwild 16 3.95%
Fable 74 18.27%
Forza Motorsport 24 5.93%
Perfect Dark 56 13.83%
Redfall 5 1.23%
Starfield 138 34.07%
State of Decay 3 7 1.73%
Something Else 41 10.12%

I'll have to go with Fable. I've been waiting for a proper Fable game for some time now. There is also a chance we might not see it, so if that's the case I'll go with Starfield followed by Hellblade 2.

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axumblade said:
trunkswd said:

I am looking forward to several games, but Starfield is easily at the top of my most anticipated game of 2022. Fable would be my number 2 game on that list in the poll, followed by Avowed, Perfect Dark, Everwild, then Redfall. I am also looking forward to Hellblade 2, The Outer Worlds 2, Gears 6 (We know that is coming at some point), and the Bethesda Indiana Jones game. I am sure there are other Xbox first-party games I am looking forward to, but I can't keep track of them all.

I’m excited to find out what Double Fine are working on after Psychonauts 2 but that is my own unhealthy obsession. The only reason I didn’t put The Outer Worlds 2 in there is because Avowed isn’t out yet (which is also why The Elder Scrolls VI isn’t on the list either). I somehow forgot about the Indiana Jones video game but regardless of what other games make the list, Starfield will sweep it. 

Elder Scrolls VI we know isn't coming until 2025 at the earliest as it won't be in full production until after Starfield is done. Right now only a small team is working on it. 

I would love to see Double Fine develop a new Brutal Legend. 

I understand why you couldn't put everything on there and mainly focused on games that are likely to come out first. I can only imagine how far out Indiana Jones is. 

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Top 3 are Starfield, Fable, and Avowed. Hopefully all 3 have something on the Summer showcase.

It's definitely Starfield by a massive stretch, followed by Fable, followed by Avowed.

I've been clamoring for what feels like AGES to hear and/or see more of the new Perfect Dark!!

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shikamaru317 said:

Top 3 are Starfield, Fable, and Avowed. Hopefully all 3 have something on the Summer showcase.

Those are my hopes as well! Talk about the RPG holy trinity

Yeah pretty much Starfield

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Starfield. All the "Into the Starfield" videos they've released were great, and I can't wait for gameplay.

I wanto to see more of Everwild.