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So, how are you feeling about the upcoming sixth chapter of the Street Fighter series?

Street Fighter II was my first fighting video game, and I really like the characters, the gameplay, the story... I'm really excited for SF6, but please, Capcom, make sure the game is fully playable from the release this time!

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I'm excited. SF5 is one of my favourite fighting games last gen. I didn't buy it day one though. I bought the one with the season 1 pass. I will buy SF6 day 1 if they at least have 20 characters

SF II was a cultural phenomenon, SF III was for the pros and didn't appeal to mainstream, SF IV was a perfect comeback to bring back the mainstream, SF V was a good continuation of SF IV but lost appeal (also for me excitement was gone), for SF VI though I'm jagged! (By the way the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series was also great but in the vain of 3d graphics it didn't hit the mainstream big enough, SF I well was not a good game and all the vs. spin-offs were cool but targeted towards fighting game enthusiasts).