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Forums - Sony Discussion - Let me play LoD on PS4/PS5 already, Sony!

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Do you agree?

For sure, LoD for life! 5 17.24%
Of course not, it's you. 5 17.24%
I would rather play PS5 on PS1. 2 6.90%
What is a LoD? 3 10.34%
LoD will be on gamepass before that happens. 1 3.45%
LoD Remake when? 4 13.79%
Didn't you already have enough? 2 6.90%
Stop playing with yourself. 2 6.90%
Play has no limits. 2 6.90%
Did you really needed to ... 3 10.34%

It's been far too long since I last made a thread here, so heh.

Anyway, as Sony finally confirmed the rumors about their PS Plus services expansions and tiering, they confirmed PS1, PS2, and PSP games will be able to be downloaded to be played on PS4 and PS5.

Now that either confirms PS4 and PS5 will have local emulation those older systems, or that every and each one of those games are actual new aplications with some kind of change/improvement (maybe a mix of both).

As I firmly believe that even if the later is the case it means I should actually be able to insert one of my precious LoD discs on it and it should be able to be played or run said aplication, I'll start campaigning for it to be done and not just locked behind their most expensive subscribe plan, because that is ridiculous.

So, Sony, just let me play my LoD discs on PS4/PS5 already!

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Never!!!! Maybe they’ll make it available on PSN+ premium…

Diablo 2 LoD is available on ps5.

You're welcome.

Sony will put over 1000 titles of PS1 on PS+ Premium but LoD won't be among those =p

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axumblade said:

Never!!!! Maybe they’ll make it available on PSN+ premium…

Ah na. Gotta add a Platinum tier. Just for LoD.

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Rather have Omega Boost but why not all to please everyone.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Just download them. Lmao

Agreed 100%! An LoD remake would also be appreciated :D

Sony aren't going to let you run your PS1 discs, sorry dude.

But I do believe that Sony needs to use this opportunity to just throw all their stuff onto the service. Everything, big or small. Just put them.
I also hope this allows for certain unlocalised games can be released WW too

They may have to outsource it to, maybe, Square-Enix.