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The objects are too boxy, the edges stick out - their either missing a lot of bump mapping work or they failed to illude me to believing that this is Ps3...

OfT: I've been thinking for a few years about my dislike for Assassins Creed but I can't sum up the words for it. Like Assassins Creed represents everything a game isn't, I honestly just dislike the game, it sucked? is that fair? I bought it and I still have it, I'd rather play Hana Montana, at least that might actually be a video game.

It seemed they just copy pasted code a long the way.

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I don't know. SMG looks as good as an early 360 game, and that game didn't even make the Wii hiccup. I think the Wii has a bit of untapped graphical potential left to it, and hopefully this engine will deliver on that front.

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I believe it wholeheartedly.

Er...Dynasty Warriors was on the PS3, right?

As long as I get Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3 graphics on my Wii, I'm more than happy.

Let's hope they can pull this off ( although the PS3 level graphics is a bit farfetched ); Especially if they can then license the engine to big third party devs like EA and Activision, we can finally enjoy quality multiplats and even ports.

Looks good , water effects are pretty nice. On the other hand: The Gamecube had Doom3 (Don't know how that looked on the GC on the PC it was better than this Techdemo)
PS3 graphics is obviously a huge hyperbole but perhaps they can make the world a bit more beautiful. (Yes I know graphics are useless and only bloodthirsty graphic whores like good looking games but its nice nonetheless.)

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Eh, so long as it has better then PS1 level graphics i'm fine. So long as stuff looks like stuff and not geometrical objects it really doesn't bother me.