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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Character Design Appreciation Thread

Very kawaii thread.

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Is it bad that I saw this thread title and IMMEDIATELY assumed it would be anime stuff? lmfao


EULA hhhhhnngggggghhhhhh

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Looks kinda generic what is it from?

Odin. Odin Sphere.

Villian from Otogi

Dante DT DMC3 designed by the folks who worked on SMT Nocturne

Jehuty. Zone of the Enders

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid

Isaac - Dead Space

Melania - Elden Ring

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I do like dem flutes

Sword coming out of breasts? Yes please!

(Can't seem to get her though, luck ain't in my side this round)

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Lady Jay


Storm Shadow

Snake Eyes

Cobra Commander