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Forums - Sony Discussion - Forbidden West *spoiler location* glitch

My child is in Faros Tomb, where you go through the vent to bypass a locked door.  All the videos show activating a computer with triangle.  However she isn't getting that option, no action to hit triangle.  Anybody have issues?  She is completely stuck, can't do anything.  Thoughts?

Found a fix, just posting in case anybody else has this issue.  Horizon has multiple auto saves.  I loaded an earlier save file and had no issues when I got back to the area.  Only lost about 10 minutes of progress.  No idea what caused the glitch, but easy solution.  

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 03 March 2022

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Darn, I was hoping somebody ran into this problem and had a fix. I would hate to see her have to restart her game. I believe she is stuck in this room with no options.

Seems like quite the massive spoiler there....
unfortunately I haven't played the game yet, so I can't help.

Just wait for a patch. Like the first Horizon, FW will easily get like a year of updates.

I'm not sure what is a spoiler, just listed a location. But the mods can feel free to edit as they see fit. I was just looking to help my daughter out, given she has invested a number of hours. Game breaking glitches are disappointing.