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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

Zelenskyy warned of this, not a surprise though, both those leaders have always been up Putin's ass.

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BFR said:

Rolstop, you are incorrect. The weapons included in the $61b US aid package, which Biden signed into law in late April, can be used against Russian soldiers, but only if they are on occupied Ukrainian territory - including Crimea - which Russia has occupied since 2014.

However, the Biden admin does not want to see them used against Russian soldiers in Mother Russia itself.  I know Ryu hates this restriction and I don't like it either Ryu, but I believe it is in place because they are worried Putin may play the nuclear card as a possible Russian response - one that could result in Russia using tactical nukes against the Ukrainian army via nuclear armed artillery shells or small nuclear armed missiles.

I am as scared of Russia using nukes as I am scared of Microsoft buying Nintendo. Obviously, in theory this is a possibility, but realistically, it's not going to happen.

This war has gone on for more than two years now, so there's plenty of evidence for what Russia says if X happens, and what Russia does when X does indeed happen. The USA is weak.

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BFR said:

Maybe because he's lost more troops than he expected and they have barely captured any territory. What a dumbass. LMAO!

Nice of him to admit that Russia doesn't have a chance of capturing Kharkiv.

2nd biggest city in Ukraine, heavily fortified, the only issue is Russia can continue to lob bombs at it across the border, slowly but surely turning the city to rubble and Ukraine can't do a thing about it until America lifts those restrictions so I mean, Russia can't take it but they may not be much to take in the future. There needs to be a buffer zone and Ukraine needs to be allowed to push into Russia to create it.

This dude is lucky...Very lucky...Who the fuck surrenders whilst still holding their weapon.

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That drone looks fast, are they usually this fast? Lol.

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Europe seriously needs to start ignoring America and do what's best for Europe instead of what's best for America.