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Ukraine says it 'ran out of missiles' to stop Russian strike destroying power plant

A lack of air defence missiles prevented Ukraine from thwarting a Russian missile attack last week that destroyed the biggest power plant in the region around Kyiv, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said.

Trypilska thermal power plant was destroyed in a strike last month. It was the biggest energy facility near Kyiv and was built to have a capacity of 1,800 megawatts, more than the prewar needs of Ukraine’s biggest city. Other stations and imports have filled the gap for now but residents have been urged to save power.

“There were 11 missiles flying. We destroyed the first seven, and four (remaining) destroyed Trypillia. Why? Because there were zero missiles. We ran out of missiles to defend Trypillia,” Zelenskiy said in an interview with PBS.

It’s a lot to preserve ourselves. It’s very difficult for us. We are fighting against a large army. They don’t care about their soldiers’ lives. They’re not training them. They’re not as trained as our soldiers.

But there’s a lot of them. They have an unlimited number of people and a lot of shells. They use thousands of drones against us. Tell me, please, how can you fight against these thousands if you don’t have weapons to take them down? They have aircraft taking off from Crimea and engaging us at a distance of over 300 kilometers. It could be over 300, 400, 500 kilometers, depending on how deep they’re targeting from Crimea.

How can we destroy those? The plan is very simple. It’s very clear. It exists. There is a specific weapon that we need to advance. There’s a specific weapon to defend the skies. This plan exists. Besides, all the partners have it in their hands. This is the plan for what we really need.

The Guardian

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We are working tirelessly to strengthen Ukraine's relations with partners, receive more tangible support, and ensure true equality in the protection from terror. So that when we face the same terror and strikes with missiles and drones, the rules are equal in Ukraine, Europe, and other parts of the world.

We have heard a lot over the last two days. We have heard about different conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, different levels of threat, and different airspace. Despite the fact that "Shahed" drones and ballistic missiles are the same.

We have also heard about different threats of escalation.

But are human lives any different? Is human dignity different? No. We value every human life equally. We must all value it equally. And we must equally protect lives from terror.

Ukraine will request an Ukraine-NATO Council meeting focused on the protection of skies and the supplies of air defense systems and missiles.

We are also actively working to ensure that the first Global Peace Summit in June yields results. I am grateful to all of the leaders and states who have expressed their willingness to attend it over the last week.

I would also like to specifically thank German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his leadership in this matter and relevant international communication, as well as for the signals we have heard from Beijing. China can truly contribute to the restoration of just peace in Ukraine as well as international stability.

The Summit in Switzerland presents a real opportunity for all of us to ensure that the UN Charter, its purposes, and principles begin to work in practice.

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➡️11 missiles targeted the Trypilska power station, 7 were shot down but 4 hit the power station due to lack of air defense missiles.

➡️The current ratio in shells is 10 to 1 in favor of Russia. Without help, Ukraine cannot win. He called separating the bills in the US House a shame for the world and 'purely symbol politics'.

➡️Ukraine provided a plan and list of needs to western partners for a counter offensive. "They known technically what we need".

➡️Zelenskyi dismissed the argument that Ukraine cannot be helped by NATO's involvement in the war by pointing the finger at Israel, which is not in NATO either.

➡️The upcoming peace summit in Switzerland will exclude Russia to prevent obstruction of the initiative. Zelenskyi said that Putin only seeks to destroy Ukraine.

The timing could get messy for Johnson, especially if he needs Democrats to defeat an ouster attempt before voting on the foreign aid bills at the crux of the current dispute.

  • Greene told several House Republicans that she could start the clock on a motion to vacate within 24 to 48 hours, potentially forcing a vote ahead of the aid bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan hitting the House floor.
  • GOP leadership is looking to release the bill text today on the foreign aid legislation, but progress is slower than expected.
  • "If you want to mention the word Ukraine, you got to deal with the border," Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) told Axios after a group of conservatives met with the speaker.

Civil War Hits House GOP Over Foreign Aid

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Since Democrats control Senate, can they refuse a vote on an aid package like Mike Johnson did? In that case, Democrats in Senate need to stand firm and refuse to vote on an Israel aid bill until a Ukraine aid bill is on Biden's desk. It is essential that the Israel aid bill doesn't move ahead of the Ukraine aid bill.

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