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Forums - PC Discussion - Epic Games Store 2021 Year in Review

Not much better than last year to be honest. Still a lot less than they are spending on Epic Store exclusives and free games.

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trunkswd said:

That average spent per user is terrible at just $4.33. I am guessing the vast majority of people only use it for the free games.

VGChartz article on the figures:

Epic Games Store Customers Spent on Average Just $4 in 2021

Epic Games has released its 2021 year in review for the Epic Games Store. 

There are over 194 million Epic Games Store users on PC, which is 34 million than in 2020. Daily active users peaked at 31.1 million, while peak concurrent users hit 13.2 million. Monthly active users reached a peak of 62 million in December.

There was $840 million spent on games in the Epic Games Store in 2021, which is up 20 percent compared to 2020. Third-party games accounted for 36 percent of sales with over $300 million.

When you take the amount of money spent on games in 2021 and divide it by the number of users you can figure out the average amount spent per users.

The $840 million spent on games divided by the 194 million users means that each user on the Epic Games Store spent just $4.33 in 2021.

I have 147 games on there and only bought one game at £30.. and thats it lol. Think I'm part of the problem.

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How long would they need to keep this up to get close to Steam?