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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox 360 first/second party recommendations?

Xbox 360 was nice to play Kinect games, Minecraft and... that's about it. It was so much more fun to play than Wii as a casual machine to play Kinect Adventures and Just Dance... but apart of that, there was nothing much left for me. Today I remembered Microsoft put all their games on PC, so I'm trying to find some MS first party to play

Getting the things straight

- I really REALLY dislike shooters, unless they are fluffy multiplayer shooters such as Overwatch and Splatoon. Please don't recommend shooters 

- I don't like racing games, unless they are kart games and even them I like just to some extent

- I don't like fighting games outside multiplayer, I don't think I can find a fighting games from 15 years ago with an active community... right? 

- I don't like sport games at all, it's the genre I personally can't think a single game I like

- Party games only works when you have friends to play with, doubt I will find many people to play 15 years old games with me

What I like? Everything else. RPGs of any kind, adventure games, action-adventure games, action games, platformers, puzzle games, survival games, visual novels, simulation games, real time strategy, sandbox, etc

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Super Street Fighter 4 is still super active.

Lost Odyssey is rpg gold. Blue Dragon, and Infinite Undiscovery were pretty good, too.

The Viva Pinata series was surprisingly good.
Definitely worth watching a review or two to see if it's up your alley.

Kameo still holds up, too. It looks really beautiful, even to this day.

Fable 2, 3, and Anniversary were really accessable and creative. Haven't played them in a long time, though.

There's a lot more but I'm not sure if you want to play them on a 360, PC, a newer Xbox console, or whatever. And I don't know if you're just looking for exclusive games.

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Was about to say Halo, but you don't like shooters.

OOps 1st and 2nd party.

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Deadly premonition.

Kinect party. (A girlfriend would play this one)


Ninja gaiden 2

Fable 2

Prototype (sandbox)

Fallout 3

You say 2nd party but if it’s a solid game I’m just recommending it for you.

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Crackdown. Shooting in it, but more about traversal, collecting orbs, and superhuman powers.
Ninja Gaiden 2. Better than Sigma 2.