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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Series X Digital Edition?


Series X Digital Edition?

Yes 5 27.78%
Yes but not til later in the console’s life 6 33.33%
No 7 38.89%

Before you say it, yes I know thats the idea of the Series S and while games will continue to work fine on there, the lack of good storage space and especially the fact that I have seen many games only seem to allow their 30fps modes on there makes it not rly too appealing for me.

I’d rly love to have a just digital Series X that could maybe go for $400 bcuz I would purely use one as a gamepass machine so I dont need a disc drive but Id like the extra power of the Series X. Ik with the chip shortage its probably not a good idea rn but down the line I think it would be a nice option to have. What do y’all think tho? 

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It’s going to happen, only a matter of when and not if.

But right now there is 0 incentive to release a low cost SKU, even if the money is made up on the back end. Every series X made, sells.

I think about the time a slim refresh launches, there will be a digital only option, but not before then

It's inevitable that an Xbox Series with the specs of the X (or even a mid-gen refresh) will be all-digital or at least have the option.
I think Microsoft and Sony really, really wanted to ditch optical drives this generation. But they decided to make sure the consoles had optical drives at launch. I wouldn't be surprised at all if a PS5 Slim or Series X Slim ditch optical drives entirely. And I all but guarantee the PS6 and 5th Xbox will be all-digital.

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I'm waiting for a Series X slim with disc drive that fits in my AV cabinet, so no. Discs for life!

If this was an option, it's the one I would have purchased!

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d21lewis said:

If this was an option, it's the one I would have purchased!

Same here, 100% digital. I hope they will make it happen.