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Forums - PC Discussion - The 12th Semi-Annual PC Secret Santa Event

TheWalrusCaesar said:

Yeah sure

Thank you for joining.

Darwinianevolution said:
Rhonin the wizard said:

Glad to hear, I assume Steam only?

Ups, I forgot to add the info. Yes, Steam only.

Thanks, I've updated your info.

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Heres my wishlist btw

I'm in!

Thank you to all who have joined so far.

Not long left until the 20th, so if you want to join, now would be a good moment to say so.

It's last minute but I'll join in:

Signature goes here!

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TruckOSaurus said:

It's last minute but I'll join in:

Thank you for joining.

Tomorrow I'll be sending everyone the names of their Tiny Tims. I suggest making sure to have friended the participants beforehand to keep an air of surprise.

Messages with the names of each participants Tiny Tims have been sent.

Somethings to keep in mind:

1) Reminder that Steam winter sale starts on the 22nd, so there's no need to rush.

2) There are other places you can buy Steam keys from, check

3) You can send the games either via Steam/GoG or though message on VGChartz. Or me, if you want it to be truly secret to your Tiny Tim.

4) Remember that the minimum is 10 $/€, and that it can be done through one game or several (1 game of 10 $/€, or 2 games of 5 $/€, etc.). Though if you want to be more generous that's up to you.

5) It's polite to leave a comment with a thank you to your Secret Santa after receiving the games.

6) I tried to keep regional issues in mind, but if there are any problems feel free to contact me.

7) Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Bandorr said:

Pondering the wishlist what does sort by :YOUR RANK - mean?
In this statement who is "your".

I didn't rank these games. Did the creator of the list rank them?

Yeah, it should be the ranking of the creator.

But as you already found out, you can't trust this ranking, since many Steam users just add games to the wishlist and don't micromanage the ranking.

Therefore I sort the wishlist by discount. Bigger discounts = more games for the gift recipient.

I also like to gift games of the wishlist which I enjoyed myself... makes it more personal.

Holy shit. Tysm @Bandorr but did u actually mean to give me that many games?

Bandorr said:
TheWalrusCaesar said:

Holy shit. Tysm @Bandorr but did u actually mean to give me that many games?

Yes, yes I did. I had a number in mind before I had any clue who my target was. The only debate was quantity vs quality. Expensive vs cheap.

Figured shotgun was a better strategy. So just blasted a bunch of games instead of a couple expensive ones.  Figured better chance of enjoying more games that way.


Then genuinely tysm! Been wanting all of these and this was a true christmas surprise