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Most Anticipated December Release

Among Us 17 2.65%
Danganronpa: Decadence/Da... 54 8.41%
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 87 13.55%
Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach 10 1.56%
The Gunk 12 1.87%
Halo Infinite 339 52.80%
Monster Rancher 1&2 DX 14 2.18%
Shovel Knight Pocket Edition 17 2.65%
Solar Ash 24 3.74%
Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain 68 10.59%

Halo! So excited. Campaign seems promising.

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Halo Infinite campaign. It's going to be fun!

Polls up!

Bonus: what was your favorite game this year?

Can't think of any big releases or indies coming out next month I care about. Seems like nothing for me in December, at the moment.

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Halo Infinite, the rest are meh. Some mild interest in Danganronpa but I'd probably grab that on a discount as I already own the games on Steam.

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For the Bonus question, FS2020 has been my most played this year and favorite.
Exploring photogrammetry cities never gets old, nor does flying over mountains or deserts.

From flying high over Northern Canada

To visiting my parents old house in The Netherlands

To flying low over the Alps

Easily Halo.

Why is Big Brain Academy missing? It should be the biggest Nintendo title of the month.

siebensus4 said:

Why is Big Brain Academy missing? It should be the biggest Nintendo title of the month.

Because the website I used for release dates for some reason didn't have it listed. 

Edit: Since Thymesia didn't have any votes yet, I swapped it out for BBA:BvB

I troll voted Among Us. I just find it funny to see it as anticipated.