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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your worst multiplayer moments?

In order to make light of some pretty rough moments let's have a laugh. What are some of the worst multiplayer moments of your gaming life? Examples, in case that is confusing:

- Someone teabagging you in Halo Reach for the duration of your death literally everytime you die.

- Getting told to uninstall/harm yourself in League of Legends.

Have you had one (or more) uniquely horrible experience worth sharing? Something truly toxic? Share below and feel the sympathy and love!

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Just the fact that I no longer have the time to dedicate to games like WOW is in itself the worst multiplayer moment for me.

Getting fed up with bad drivers in GT Sport race after race. Then in one race I snapped after getting rammed repeatedly again right from the start. I targeted one of offenders and punted him a bunch of times out of revenge and frustration. Over reaction if just seen in the context of what that one person did, but I had reached my limit.

Nex day I log in to GT Planet and he has posted a video of me punting him, calling me the dirty driver. A bunch of people that apparently didn't like me jumped on board the hate train and reputation ruined. Oh well, less reading/posting, more time to race.

Later I got banned for repeatedly calling out Brazilians. It's apparently against the TOS to compare driving 'styles' by nationality. Nowadays the game has completely turned into Wreckfest, the dirty drivers have won. (Naming and shaming is also against TOS, but apparently not when it's naming and shaming me lol, I don't think the mod likes me very much)

I've had people target me repeatedly as well in GT Sport in the races and chat, even got threats in private messages, but whatever. Fighting back is not allowed! (I do anyway, don't mess with my car)

No specific examples. But toxicity definitely makes me quit MP for a game sooner than I would perhaps want to.

Though this does remind me of someone who messaged me insults after a match: but I just laughed back at his responses because he was clearly pretty bad at the game lol.

Getting destroyed in Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

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Every single god damn Modern Warfare 2 lobby

I just had one, literally last night while playing Halo Infinite. I've been playing online games since 2000, and this was by far my worst moment. I was camping around a corner--crouching of course so I was off radar--because I knew someone was coming. I waited, waited, waited, the person ran out as expected and then... I started shooting air like a moron. The guy casually jumped, turned around, meleed me twice and killed me without so much as taking a single bullet--and this after me playing the franchise since 2001. I don't know how it happened, either. I just had a brain fart to end all brain farts, I guess. It was so utterly pathetic that all I could do was laugh.

My runner up to that?

Thinking--back when voice chat first started on XBL--that turning my mic on and saying hello to everyone was going to net me friends.

It didn't.

It just got me banned, and called a homosexual slur.

I learned my lesson.

It's crazy how many times I've seen tea bagging in Halo, only for the bagger to die because they were doing that rather than paying attention to the next enemy coming up lol. People are more satisfied getting tea bags in that kills.

Probably random hate messages I used to get on Xbox Live, including death threats, before MS started cracking down harder on that stuff.

Talking actual gameplay, probably any time I get awful teammates who actively help the enemy in a game.

I so rarely play online I really only remember the good moments. I guess the worst moment was something that was my fault and I was oblivious. I had a real moment of brain dead. It was not intentional. My first time playing Journey. I was at a mountain and I wanted to get up on a platform to get a piece of the cape I think ( been many years since I played) another person helped me up. I pinged them to thank them then ran off. They kept pinging me and I thought they were saying hello...only when it was just too late did I realize I left them hanging. I felt so bad. They probably looked at the post-game names and wondered which one of them was the asshole that wouldn't help.

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