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Forums - Sales Discussion - All Nintendo First Party 10 Million Sellers (as of March 31, 2024) (+Poll) UPDATED WITH LISTS BY RELEASE YEAR & CONSOLE


How many First Party Nintendo Games will exceed 10 million at the end of Switch's Life?

<55 15 27.27%
55 0 0%
56 1 1.82%
57 1 1.82%
58 3 5.45%
59 2 3.64%
60 6 10.91%
61 3 5.45%
62 4 7.27%
>62 20 36.36%
Torpoleon said:
Chicho said:

Not 100 but 64 seems like a good number for Nintendo. Here's the Top 64.

You have Super Mario Party listed below DP even though it sold more.

Also, it looks like the final sales for Mario Party 8 were 8.85 million and Super Mario Kart was 8.76 million.

Thanks, fixed.

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Related to software is the NSW tie ratio and it is now at 7.64. Next year i expect it to be around 8.25 and lifetime should be around 9.

Switch is already #1 in the top 100 

Forgot to post here for the June 30 update, but at least I am here for the Sep. 30 update!

ACNH crosses 40 million, but is just barely below Super Mario Bros. MK8 DX continues trucking along and will definitely cross 50m before the end of the year. LGPE has actually outsold its original game. SV will obviously join the list shortly after it releases.

Switch is leading the pack in terms of total games and total sales and its lead will only continue to grow!

Dang Switch has 14 first party ten million sellers. And we'll have to add Splatoon 3, Switch Sports will hopefully get there eventually, Mario Party Superstars will definitely make it, Pokemon V/S, Zelda TotK, a 2D Mario assuming they have one coming out like holiday 2023.

Seems very possible Switch ends up with 20 ten million sellers when its all done.

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@Slownenberg The whole top 10 has a possibility of being comprised of games that exceeded 20 million sales a piece. Top 5 could even be entirely games that have exceeded 30 million sales a piece.

Updated through Dec 31, 2022!

ACNH has surpassed Super Mario Bros. and now the top 3 in 2/3 Switch! SSBU has moved into the Top 10, with BOTW not far behind. SV start off tied with Mario World. Splatoon 3 & Bowser's Fury were also added to the list, giving us 57 Nintendo games that have exceed 10 million sales!

Switch Sports & Mario Party Superstars will probably be added this year and obviously TOTK will be there very quickly. By the end of the year, we should have at least 60 Nintendo games exceed 10 million sales.

Arceus is just over 100,000 units away from being the highest selling single version Pokemon game (surpassing Yellow). Doesn't look like BDSP will pass DP and I doubt LGPE will either. Both should maybe pass BW though. I think Arceus might pass BDSP & LGPE as well.

Of the 57 games, 17 are on Switch. Switch has almost as many 10 million sellers as DS & Wii combined. By the end of this year, it should exceed them with at least 20.

Kakadu18 said:

I don't really see Kirby selling more than 7mil.

Well now it's clear that it'll sell way more than 7mil. With those legs 10mil is more likely than ever.

There are 57 games to sell over 10 million units. It's Obvious that Mario Party: Superstars and Nintendo Switch Sports will be making it 59 very soon.
Top 100 Nintendo Published games as of 31st December, 2022.

@Kakadu18 Could even reach 11 or 12 million. There's even a chance that Star Allies can land a spot on the Top 100 List that @ShadowLink93 posted. The Switch era has been great for Kirby (as it has for almost every major Nintendo franchise thus far, sales-wise).

Star Allies is at 3.98 million as of the end of 2021, if I'm not mistaken. Surely good word of mouth from Forgotten Land could help Star Allies. Another 1.5 million can't be too hard for it from the start of 2022 to the end of its lifespan.