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Forums - Sales Discussion - All Nintendo First Party 10 Million Sellers (as of March 31, 2024) (+Poll) UPDATED WITH LISTS BY RELEASE YEAR & CONSOLE


How many First Party Nintendo Games will exceed 10 million at the end of Switch's Life?

<55 15 27.27%
55 0 0%
56 1 1.82%
57 1 1.82%
58 3 5.45%
59 2 3.64%
60 6 10.91%
61 3 5.45%
62 4 7.27%
>62 20 36.36%

I'd want to see how long the Switch has versus when BOTW2 releases. Other games have the potential but that is a big question mark, as a cross-gen release or a single year before Switch-2 makes the question a bit tricky.

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But you didn't say anything.

Updated through 12/31/21 thanks to Nintendo's recent sales update!

Switch now has 13 games exceeding 10 million (though Wii's 10 million sellers have still sold more combined due to Wii Sports, but that will change soon).

Some notable achievements: SWSH have surpassed GS and MK8DX has surpassed Super Mario Bros. and ACNH has surpassed MKWii. BDSP just joined and is already super close to LGPE (which is close to passing both ORAS and Yellow). I wouldn't be surprised if BDSP passes both of them before LGPE does. NSMBU DX is tied with HGSS.

Which games do you guys think will hit 10m in the next quarter and what else do you think will hit 10m this year? I think Legends will easily do it and probably reach 12-13m by the end of March. Other than that, I think it's a little too soon for Mario Maker 2 and Bowser's Fury to reach it, but I do expect them to hit 10m this year. I could see Splatoon 3 reaching 10m potentially this year. BOTW2 is an easy 10m this year as well. Monster Hunter Rise should also hit 10m, but this is a thread for first party games only.

Let's Go and BDSP should both surpass ORAS this quarter. Then it'll go from best selling to third best selling remake in one quarter.

Mario 3D All Stars would have made it if they kept selling it

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They would have to update the sales on something like Maker 2 to hit 10 Mil but....yeah Legends is certainly going to be here. I have a feeling Kirby might give it the old college try, but hard to say if it can do a Luigi 3 or not.

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

@KrspaceT Forgotten Land being the first Kirby game to reach 10m would be amazing, though I'd be satisfied if it just squeaked past Dream Land to be the best selling game.

Here is the updated top 50 and there has been alot of movement in just one quarter, the most notable being MK8D surpassing super Mario Bros and Animal Crossing Surpassing MK Wii. MK Wii has been 3rd for the last decade however it has dropped from 3rd to 5th in the space of two quarters. Mario 64 DS (11.06m) was ousted from the top 50 by Pokemon BD/SP. Switch Software is colored in purple.

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Well 3D Mario + Bowser's Fury will hit it, BD/SP already did, PLA obviously will, Mario Party Superstars obviously will, Luigi's Mansion 3 already did, Kirby might, BotW2, Splatoon 3 will, gotta imagine there will be a 2D Mario on Switch at some point which obviously will, then there's the questions of will another 3D Mario and/or MK9 come out on Switch which would add two games to the list if they did, they should be at least one more Pokemon on Switch which will, if the next rumored DK game is something fresh and special that has a longshot chance to do it.

So there's still plenty of 10 million sellers coming to the Switch to add to the current number.

@ShadowLink93 Nice! Noticed some errors though. You put 2022 for BDSP when it is actually 2021. Also, the systems listed for NSMB 2, SSBB, Galaxy & 3D Land are incorrect.