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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - So is Halo Infinite MP about to launch on Monday?

Normally I wouldn’t put any stock into this but there is so much smoke. Loads of insiders are confirming it and even some of the promotional deals are saying Monday. Pringles, for example, had a countdown on their website and it ends Monday.

A data mine of the Xbox store showed the 15th. 

So what do you guys think? 

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Sounds reasonable in many respects. But, that puts it up against Battlefield, and it really takes a dump on Forza, which is having a phenomenal launch of its own.

I'm betting against it. Maybe there will be a open beta or something that starts on Monday and runs for a couple of days, but I just can't imagine a full launch (even of just the PvP) for a mega huge game like Halo coming out of nowhere like this.

Considering the walk backs and changes in these "insiders'" statements over the last 24 hours, I'm now thinking this was all BS.

VAMatt said:

Considering the walk backs and changes in these "insiders'" statements over the last 24 hours, I'm now thinking this was all BS.

IDK, would be a bit weird for Pringles to have had a countdown on their website for it with their "double Halo XP with Pringles" thing. I think it's more likely it was going to happen but was delayed.

Took this screenshot of the cached site where the countdown is still there lol. Though the countdown ends at midnight, there's no way they're launching it then before the anniversary stream so....

Humongous and very weird screw-up by Pringles, but would they really have just taken some rumours from twitter and thrown up a countdown?

Also, if you Google Halo Infinite, it shows the release date is tomorrow lol

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Maybe the planned date since some time ago was supposed to be this monday (it quietly got delayed? and some places forgot to update to new date?).
However, as others have said, it goes up against Battlefield then, and forza just launched not long ago and is doing fine, putting out halo, would hurt that.

Rumors now are that it was delayed because of a bug in the campaign demo that allows people to access the entire game.

Other insiders are saying 343 came in over the weekend and fixed the glitch and tomorrow is back on.

Who knows.

Who is looking forward by getting pwned by some 1337 gamerz that then tea bag us for 8 seconds as they laugh, screaming into their static-ptoducinh, cheap headsets they got from their elementary school's fundraiser?

It would be a pretty hype moment ngl. I'm still going to bet NO just to not get myself disappointed if nothing happens lol.

Also, I think EA would not be pleased with MS if this were to happen. They have a cross-promotion deal together rn; Xbox promotes BF2042 and for EA promotes Xbox. It would be a slap in the face to EA to pull such a move. Depending on how it's done of course.

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