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Forums - Website Topics - Welcome the New Class of VGChartz Writers! (2021 Edition)

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Machina said:
JEMC said:

Oh, man, I miss the days when I was more active on the site and I could recognize the new staff members just by looking at their names and/or avys.

In any case, my most sincere congratulations to Doctor_MG, and also to Esiar after that long hiatus you took, almost five years since your last post.

As for AceDefective, djoshunchained and toffcrit, impressive job in becoming writers given that neither of you've been here for more than a couple of weeks and none have even bothered to make a single post yet. Please, could you tell us what made you join the site and apply to be a writer? (It would also be a good opportunity to make your first post on the site).

Several of this year's applicants (including some of the successful ones) were encouraged to apply by current members of staff who they're friends with. I've always preferred to recruit from the community for numerous reasons, but we're happy to take on newcomers as well if their writing is strong. Hopefully some of the new guys will start posting in the forums as they get a feel for the site, although it's not a requirement.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the new writers, whether they're members of the forum or not. I was just surprised by how many of them are new, and thought that it could encourage them to post. I know I could have the @ to get their attention, but I didn't want to force them to do it.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Congrats guys and welcome to the team!


What's up guys, right now I'm a bit busy with a couple exams but afterwards I'm definitely excited to contribute

Can't wait for The Zelder Scrolls 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt!

Welcome new writers. I used to love doing that kind of writing back in the day and I’m sure every one of you will have an article here that you loved making and look back on fondly.

Hi, thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

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Congrats to all. I would have applied again but I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with delivering content for the time being. Maybe next year.

Welcome everyone :)