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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Infinite campaign trailer

ironmanDX said:

Not a fan of gamepass? What platform are you going to play on and most importantly...

Welcome to the site.

ty for the welcome

Haven't subscribed to GamePass yet. Might do after I get the new PC that I am building. 

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gauxel said:

Looks good, thinking of buying the campaign after a few months of dropping since I am replaying Halo MCC and hopefully 5 around Dec-Jan.

Welcome to the site and the forums. Always nice to see new members posting. 

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pitzy272 said:

Some of the gameplay looks really sweet, but I just don’t see the quality in the story. Also, some of the acting is poor, and that last scene was super cheesy. To be fair, I only played the first few Halos and never loved them.

Oh yeah, in that case there's not much they could do to convince you. The original games, especially the first one, were all about cheesy dialogue lol

The story itself remains to be seen as they really didn't involve much of the story besides some the overall narrative. Even then, I wouldn't want the story to be spoiled in a trailer like so many other games lol

Graphics wise the main improvement is the lighting; in 2020 it looks so flat and uniform and bland, now it's much more dynamic and nuanced. The main villain also looks literally a generation ahead of how he looked last year.

In terms of gameplay I'm getting a bit of a Doom Eternal vibe from the physicality and pacier flow of combat, which is a great thing in my book as I loved Doom Eternal, and it doesn't seem to override the classic Halo feel. It looks really satisfyingly crunchy in terms of feedback and movement, which is awesome. 

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Big improvement. The graphics are so much better so good on em for delaying.

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