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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone still play Minecraft?

Burning Typhoon said:

SvennoJ said:

Yeah, the butchered versions of them after they have migrated to the new version. I guess it would be pointless to get the classic saves on PC as the red stone logic seems to be different between PC and PS4.

konnichiwa said:

Tried to play it but after only a few 1.000 hours I gave up...don't really see what people like about this game....

Anyway, MC is one of the few games I play on pc (yeah java edition) because I simply can't handle the cluncky controls on consoles (and I cant' use my favourite skins etc). my last long play sessions (as in hundreds of hours) was after the ocean update. the other updates weren't really for me (yet). But I like the new proposed mobs, like the allay one. Please vote for him.

Funny how that is, I can't play it with mouse and keyboard after getting used to playing MC with controller since X360.

yeah, modern consoles and the windows 10 version have the same logic, so you're fine.  if it makes sense, there are two versions of  minecaft on PC.  The windows 10 version, and Java version. I think Microsoft is integrating accounts so you can play Java with a Microsoft account, but I haven't taken the time to look into it because I was gifted both versions by different people looking to play Minecraft with me anyway.  But, if you want to bring your save over, it wont be with the Java edition.

The problem is with the old version save I worked years on, it doesn't convert correctly. Big gaps in the map (like it was bombed) and logic mismatches like this

Right side is the 'new' version. This part of the map converted correctly, except for the logic, and of course no room to fix any of it. I didn't bother looking at the more complex stuff. Maybe one day I'll start a new world, but seeing the mess after conversion left me disinterested to pick it up again. The same thing happened with my LBP levels, didn't quite work anymore in LBP2. And then I was done with LBP...

My kids still play Minecraft on their laptops and it keeps asking to convert to a microsoft account. However I'm not sure what to do. My oldest is playing on my original account. So I guess I should migrate it to his Microsoft account. But I rather just keep it separate as long as possible. So complicated with all these accounts nowadays. Just have saves like the old days, so much more simple!

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^they talked about it on the Minecon show, how they will have a better blending update coming.

Also the new update announced is the wild update , that could get me back in the game for a long time ^^'

I play a lot with my son. I never played it until 8 or something months ago so it was all fresh for me. My son and I have a shared world where we just build houses in a straight line, stuff villagers in it and feed them carrots.

I'm proud to say we created a "town" which spans over 30,000 coordinate blocks on one axis along the zero coordinate of the crossing axis.

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..Kind of. That's a "yes, but I don't currently have enough interesting projects in Minecraft to prioritize Minecraft ahead of other games most of the time".