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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Movie means new Mario game

The animated Mario movie is slated to drop on December 1, 2022. Who wants to bet a new (probably 2D) Mario game will be releasing next holiday season to coincide. I mean Nintendo would be stupid not to use the movie launch as marketing for a new Mario game.

I would say a new 3D game, but Switch has already got Odyssey and a bunch of old 3D Mario games, while we're still waiting for the Switch's first new 2D Mario game. Certainly enough time will have passed since Odyssey that they could have made a new 3D game, but the lack of 2D Mario is pretty obvious.

If BotW2 doesn't launch earlier in the year, that means Mario and Zelda is likely hitting holiday '22 season. That's gonna be a big sales season!

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There's a decent chance there'd be a new Mario game next year regardless of the movie. I suppose the movie does increase the chances of it being around the same time period and it being a main platformer game rather than a spinoff though.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one myself, so obvious!

Hopefully Galaxy 3.

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Super Mario The Movie The Game.

They did that for Street Fighter once.

The last new Super Mario game (Super Mario Maker 2) was 2019. So yeah 2022 should see a new Super Mario game. Since NSMB released they've averaged a new entry every 1.5 years. So 2023 would be a much longer wait than normal.

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I really hope so! A new proper 2D Mario game is a must at this point.

There is an open world 3D Mario game rumored, but I think we will see it first when a new powerful hardware launches (I expect 2024). This new Mario game should revolutionize 3D Mario like Breath of the Wild did it for Zelda. It's not something you release at the end of a console's life cycle. But I can imagine a new 2D Mario or a movie related spin-off in 2022.

As long as it's not based on the movie, I'm fine. The concept of "Game: The movie: The game" just doesn't work. It's like putting a novel through a translator multiple times and expecting it to still be readable.

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I hope we get a movie-tie in game. 2D. With movie-accurate realistic sprites.