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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Fans did you buy Tales of Arise yet? Out now and amazing

No. I've basically lost interest in plaing Japanese-style games, and it looks pretty Japanese to me.

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Not yet but I keep hearing great things about it.

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It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Got the collector's edition which then got delayed for 10 days. Namco was nice enough to send me a digital code for it.">"><img src="

Enjoying it so far. Looks to be an excellent game. Based on the start, I think it will top Vesperia to be my best "Tales of" game.

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I will buy it eventually buying Lost Judgement instead this month. Not in a rush to buy it though since I still haven't beat Tales of Berseria yet.

Nope. Will I? Also nope.

Nah. Waiting till it's either 20 bucks or on Gamepass.