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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who tried the FF Souls Like Origin Demo?!

People had mixed reaction with the trailer,

I had a so-so reaction but after playing the trial/demo I was amazed!

Team Ninja is amazing!

It happened before when I was not impressed with Code Vein trailer but after playing the demo I bought the game and 100% platinumed it!

So don't judge a book by its cover! 

U might miss out!

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Nah I'm good.

Good gameplay ain't enough to get me through what seems like a pretty insufferable group of protagonists
and story.

Solid gameplay but not enough surrounding it to keep invested in hacking through the foes. I Didn't even get to Garland (mainly because i kept dying :p)

I enjoyed the demo for what it was, the gameplay is pretty solid although on normal, and even on hard, it still felt too easy compared to other Soulslike games... beating Chaos? didn't really feel satisfying because he was just so easy, first time I fought him it was just dash in, hit twice, dash to the side, hit twice, dash to the side, hit twice, if he does his AoE, dash out then back in, rinse and repeat... from that distance all his ranged attacks miss because you're so close, and his sword attacks are so easy to see coming because of how they're telegraphed (Is that the word I mean?) meaning that avoiding them is just a piece of piss. Don't want to fight him close ranged? Just stand really far back and blast him with magic as he VERY SLOWLY walks to you, after a certain distance he DOES dash, but by then the damage is done, just move out of the way and run to the other side of the arena... at least on hard mode he seemed to have more attacks and/or was more aggressive so you had to use the shield more often, which still feels like a cheese because the window for it is so forgiving and it blocks ALL damage from EVERY attack lol.

So yeah, TL;DR the gameplay of the demo was solid although my main complaint was how easy it was... I was expecting hard mode to give me a proper challenge, especially considering it's made by Team Ninja lol

Gameplay is alright, but needs a lot of work still. Didn't look like there will replayability if you look at build variety (kinda like Sekiro even though Sekiro is superb)

Story and dialogue was horrible, 90's level of voiceacting and lines.

I'd say not worth it, unless you can wait till it's 20 dollars/euros.

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The overall presentation could use some work but I loved the gameplay,
Changing class on the fly on a souls game is a breath of fresh air!

Hopefully people can get more ps5 to test this demo out haha!

Pls do watch my video and hopefullyi enjoy my performance haha!