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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Did MS make the right decision to improve the current IU vs a revamp?


Did they make the right decision?

Yes, it was the right move 10 71.43%
No, I wish they revamped it completely 3 21.43%
I don't have the system 1 7.14%

When MS announced the UI would be largely the same at the X1 UI with some quality of life improvements(ie. new store, quick resume, faster, dynamic backgrounds, etc.), they received flack for not changing enough, while the PS5 UI was a complete revamp and felt fresh. 

Now that we are 6 months into the gen, what is your opinion of the decision now? 

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I'm pleased with it the way it is.

I know a lot of people want a new interface when they buy a new machine, but it's only new for a little while, and then you get used to it. At that point, the only relevant factors are; "is it fast" and "is it well designed". It to me it is both of those things.

Their PC app on the other hand, is the spawn of satan himself and it should be exorcised and left to eternal rot and torment.

Xbox UI changes a lot during the generation anyway, the current one is really fresh.

The OG Xbox One UI proves that new UIs aren't always a good thing, Now it's pretty great so yeah a new UI can add some excitement but I like that it's feature complete and a smooth experience from day 1. Definitely a smart move

The current UI is great. The idea that keeping and expanding the current UI is somehow inferior to a brand new UI that does the same thing with a different look is about as good an example one could get when using the term "grasping for straws".

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