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Forums - Sony Discussion - Next Souls-like game to play?

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Just beat Bloodborne. Which is the better game that I should play next?

Demon’s Souls PS5 Remake 9 60.00%
Sekiro 6 40.00%
pitzy272 said:
Azzanation said:

Check out Ashen, i really enjoyed it. The end boss is hard but its not a super long game and has some rewarding elements like upgrading your base camp etc.

Its artstyle is also very cool in motion.

Its also cheap.

Hmm...I remember being intrigued by this leading up to its release, but I think I got turned off by its reviews iirc. Something in the 70s I think? But I may have to look into it again. Thanks!

Ashen 78 on XB1 and 81 on PC. Its a solid Indy take on the Souls series. Up to you, i found it to be a decent experience for me and i don't really enjoy Souls like games. It also offers a Co-op mode.

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pitzy272 said:
DonFerrari said:

You can always play Nioh or Vampyr, since you didn't list them =p

Vampyr is a souls-like? I had no idea. 

The gameplay is very souls-like, but at least on normal (recommended difficult) it isn`t as unforgiving as Soul. But the bosses each have their very unique way to go against and ways to break the regular gameplay and make you be very creative (like souls you have stamina bar, mp bar that is blood, and your health, some of the enemies attacks that are very hard to predict despise taking like 1/3 of your health almost zero your blood and stamina making it very hard to react aftewards).

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Demon Souls Remake. Is the best/impressive Souls-Games, together with Bloodborne :)

pitzy272 said:
Chrkeller said:

I love Souls and BB. Souls is my second favorite franchise in gaming, second only to Zelda. My unpopular opinion is Sekiro is junk and absolutely isn't souls. Sekiro does not character customization (other than basic skill trees), the battles are memorization akin to Punch Out. The game is tedious and just not great. Didn't like it.

Demon Souls is superb.

On a side note, Hades reminds me of souls in some regards.  And the game is just flat out brilliant.  

I can’t wait to play Hades! I’m just waiting for it to come to ps5. Can’t believe it’s taken this long. >;(

Thanks for your opinion on Demon’s Souls and Sekiro. Further affirmation for my decision to go with Demon’s Souls over Sekiro. 

Hades is absolutely amazing.  I was skeptical of an Indie winning a few GotY awards, but I fully understand it now.  I have nothing but great things to say about Hades.

Sekiro, nothing nice to say.  I flat out didn't like it at all.  Felt incredible cheap and trial/error.  It was annoying to be stuck on a boss as well, given the game is stealth your character can't take on 5-6 enemies.  Too many of the bosses are surrounded by enemies, so re-trying any boss required spending 10 minutes clearing out enemies slowly.  Which wouldn't be a huge deal, except some bosses take a dozen attempts.  Just horrible game design, IMHO.