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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown Announced for Switch

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Release is planned for Summer 2021

I'm pretty excited about this one, I really wanted this game when it first came out a few months ago.


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It is a great game, and has been updated frequently. I hope many Switch owners enjoy!

Should give the game a nice bump in popularity, especially with the similarity of their demographics.

No brainer, really.






Expected, I hope in parralel to the launch, they'll also launch a new season so older players profits from new courses and contents

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Not my thing, but this kind of game is a perfect fit for the Switch and will be probably end up one of its most popular third party games.

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Fun party game that gave me more than a couple of laughs, and free to play. Can't go wrong there.

We know Epic Games bought the devs up right?.