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Forums - Sales Discussion - Your sales expectations for 2021

I'm pretty in line with the OP, in fact my predictions are:

Switch - 25m
PS5 - 14/15m
XSX|S - 8.5/9m
PS4 - 3/3.5m
XOne - 1m

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NSW 32.5M
PS5 14.0M
XBS 8.0M

Switch : 30 millions
PS5 : 14.5 millions
XS : 9 millions

Switch: 25 Million
PS5: 13.75 Million
Xbox Series: 8 Million
PS4: 2.5 Million
X1: 1 Million

Switch: 25 million
PS5: 15 million
XSX: 8 million
PS4: 3 million
XB1: 1 million

There is a decent chance that Switch could outsell PS5 & XSX combined this year. At the very least, I think it could be close.

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Originally I thought the Switch would just be at 20-22M, but seeing it's performance already I'll bump it up. So, here are my predictions:

Switch: 23-25M
PS5: 15-17M
XSX: 9-11M
PS4: 2-3M
X1: < 1M

Switch: 27mil
PS5: 15mil
XBS: 7mil
PS4: 2.5mil
XB1: 1mil

The supply strain is making it hard to predict Xbox and PS. Also I have no idea if those rumours are true regarding Forza Horizon 5, Starfield and whatever else is rumoured for this holiday. But I’d guess Xbox 10 million and PS5 14 million. Switch will be higher.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


Switch 25 million
PS5 16 million
Series XS 9 million
PS4 2 million
XB1 800k

I'm feeling generous:
Switch: 27m
PS5: 16m
XBS: 10m

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