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Hello and Welcome ·

First, I'd like to congratulate Cyberpunk 2077 on PC for being VGC's Best Looking Game Of 2020! 

So, here's how it works — provide me with a game you think could be a serious looker and technological pusher for 2021. What makes up the graphics? Physics? The technology behind these things will be much more at the forefront this year! Here is our own trasharmdsister: "For example, God of War used particles beautifully to bring its world to life and make it feel more fantastical and magicalAnd the quality was awesome. Really made me think we actually hit tech demo level from beginning of gen (That UE4 demo)."

Towards the end of months with at least 2 big graphical showcase releases, I'll try to have a poll with a few titles that released during that time. In it, there will be categories to choose from. All you have to do is vote for the game you think dominates one of the categories and I will add it to the table. The game with the most votes in a category will be nominated for that month. It will then face off against other games, in that particular category, at the end of the year. This will all depend on your votes, so get 'em out there! 

This year also marks the 10th Anniversary of this topic on VGC, so let's go all out!



  • MUST release in 2021. It can even have a placeholder date, but cannot be slated for any other year
  • Remasters work (though each circumstance will be viewed on an individual basis). Remakes are good.
  • Must follow a general consensus. So, news articles, site threads, etc. that have taken note of graphical details and tech
  • Can be from any of the current gen platforms (PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series S|X)


  • Best Animations
  • Best Art
  • Best Character Models
  • Best DLC/Mods
  • Best Effects (AA, GI, SSAO/HBAO+, SSR, etc...) 
  • Best Environments (Anisotropic Filtering, Texture Maps, etc...)
  • Best Graphics Tech Running @ 60fps (Consoles)
  • Best Physics
  • Best Use Of Ray Tracing
  • Overall Best Looking Game (End Of 2021)

Let's make this as fun as we can, since no opinion or viewpoint is wrong. Give feedback in any of the categories above, as well thought out responses! Remember, this thread doesn't have to be for you, but try to let those who want to participate enjoy what’s here!

By December 1, 2021, we will have a final 'Game of the Year' type of scenario, showing what games have been nominated throughout the year and then the finaleBEST LOOKING GAME IN 2021. At that point, everyone will nominate the best looking game from the 5 poll options. At the bottom of the OP, the Games Of The Month will be displayed, with the categories you choose from and the games chosen from a particular month! 

* NOTE * Because of the ongoing global pandemic, even with a release date, assume all games will see a delay of sorts 

* FINAL NOTE When posting pictures, try not to exceed 6 per post as to avoid clutter. Thanks guys!

Art The Medium      
Character Models Village
Environments The Medium Metro: Exodus Enhanced
Graphics Tech (60fps On Console)        
Ray Tracing The Medium     Metro: Exodus Enhanced

Art    Kena: Bridge of Spirits  
Character Models
Environments  Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Graphics Tech (60fps On Console)        
Ray Tracing      


OCT 2021

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To name a few!

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Playing through The Medium right now, and the art style is definitely quite striking. You wanna keep playing just to see what they put on screen next.