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Forums - Sales Discussion - PlayStation/Xbox/Switch Hardware Battle: 2021 Edition: FINAL RESULTS!

Thanks for all the work this past year! I looked forward to see the updates every week.
I'll be sure to check out your next thread for this year.
If I may suggest, it could be cool to compare Switch and DS 6th year since it may be closer than we thought between those 2!

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I'd completely support dropping the PS4/XB1 comparisons as those are pretty much dead now (esp the XB1). I'd be fine if you only had the 3 comparisons for the current consoles, but if you wanted to add one or two more then that's fine too.

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I think you should just do YoY comparisons for the main 3. That is my $.02 anyway. Obviously if you really want to do any other comparisons you can.

Also, just want to say that I really appreciate your effort on this thread. I come back and look at these threads you do quite a few times throughout the year.