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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When will the Wii U and 3DS eShops shut down in major markets?


When will the Wii U eShop close down?

Q1 2021 0 0%
Q2 2021 0 0%
Q3 2021 1 7.14%
Q4 2021 1 7.14%
Q1 2022 2 14.29%
Q2 2022 0 0%
Q3 2022 0 0%
Q4 2022 0 0%
Q1 2023 or later 10 71.43%

It's hard to say. I think the situation is a lot different than it was with the Wii and DSi shops, as not only is the branding the same for Wii U/3DS as it is on Switch, but assuredly the eShops for those systems run on the same server, as they're connected in multiple ways and funds can be shared between all three under just one account. So my guess is as long as the Switch is around and the eShop for that doesn't close, the Wii U/3DS ones will stick around as well. Not to mention, online play is still available for both consoles, and I think the shops closing would come after those services shut down first. My guess is 2024 or later.

If I'm wrong and they shut them down regardless of what's going on with Switch, I imagine Wii U eShop would shut down first.

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I was a little miffed that they closed the Wii Shop last year, but whatever, as long as they keep allowing me to download games I already own and keep bringing that content over to Switch. Unfortunately, with Wii being phased out, it’s also the end of getting the definitive versions of some games. Wii U has a few of them as well: the Earthbound games, most notably.

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I'm guessing Q1 2023 or later.

p0isonparadise said:

When Nintendo stops making money from them.

It happened. 

Q1 2023 indeed.

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At least Nintendo is giving a lot of advanced notice, just like they did with the Wii Shop and DSi Shop. Sony only gave about 6 months notice before they backtracked.

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