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Forums - General Discussion - Tips on Flatten stomach and smaller waistline

Now that my weight loss journey finished theres a new saga that new one is, Trying to have a smaller waistline and stomach, My current weight is 132 pounds If I go under 125 pounds I'm underweight but since I'm 5'8 and 1/2 about 174 cm I 127 pounds might also be underweight?My current waist line is 31 inches and butt inches is 32 inches I wanna have a 27 inch waist line for that nice body anyone already made it to ther weight goal but still little fat?I need tips :)

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1) Run

2) Jump Rope

3) Drink Water

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Fun fact, everyone with a flat stomach and thin waist is underweight.

Stop using stupid labels and just diet and exercise until you are satisfied and your body has still enough nutrients per day. You cannot target specific areas of your body so if you want to lose fat you will have to lose weight all across your body.

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You are likely Skinnyfat OP. Need to do more strength training and build up your abs. I was just gonna make a thread about this.

There's a saying in fitness which goes: "Results are made in the kitchen". Find a professional to help you get your nutrition in check, and couple that with strength training. But all the training in the world won't help you much unless you eat right.

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Do you consume dairy products? They can sometimes cause abdomen bloat

My advice is do not listen to anyone here and go to health/fitness forums but one thing i can say, its 10% exercice and 90% the food you eat